100+ Barber Shop & Shave Parlor Web Designs

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Male barber shops are like the antithesis to beauty salons. They both offer similar services with different environments.

This is why barber shops & shave parlors have different styles in their websites. If you’re launching a new barber shop or need to redesign an existing business’ website then you’ll love the examples in this gallery.

I’ve hand-picked over 100 quality barber shop websites from around the world. Take a peek over the list and make note of ideas that you’d want in your own barber shop website.

Gentlemen Barber Clubs

Barber of Hell’s Bottom

Blind Barber

Chivalry Grooming Parlour

Junior & Hatter

Lundlow Blunt


Rust Belt Barbering

Barbra Shop

Barber & Parlour

Mustache Barbershop


Stan’s Downtown

18th Amendment Barber Shop

Scissors & Scotch

Big Kats

Prober Barber Shop

V’s Barbershop

Rob’s Chop Shop

Pankhurst London

Al’s Barbershop

Miami Clippers

Team Mambo


Cut & Shave


Prestigious Image

Cowboy Up

Lucky’s Barber Shop

Freemans Sporting Club

Eighteen Eight

Churchills Barbershop

The Proper Barbershop

Les Mauvais Garcons

Ollie’s Barber Shop

Ralph’s Barber



Barbershop Lounge

Kutz Remix

SFB of Dallas

Barbershop Club

Baxter Finley

Well Groomed Gentleman


Bucks Barber Shop


Cigar City

GQ Barber Lounge

WestSide Barbershop

The Barbershop



Di Carlo Salon

Mr. Hobbs

The Elite Barbershop

Mike’s Barbershop

Noble’s Barber

People’s Barber

Shave Houston


Hi Rollers

Geo F Trumper

Barber & Co

Finley’s Barber Shop

Persons of Interest

Men’s Haircuts

Famous Fadez

Van Buren Gentlemen’s

Gentlemen’s Cut

2B Groomed


Beards and Beers

Dolce & Gabbana

Rock Barbers

Applewood Village Barbershop

The Usual

Baron’s Man Cave

Elliott And Co.

Sloane Square

JR’s Old School Barber

Fellow Barber

Man Cave Barber Shop

Uncle Rocco’s

The Scotch Pine

Parkside Barbershop

Weldon Barber

Colman Barbershop

Pickings and Parry

Pine St. Barbershop

Capelli’s Barbershop

Gabby’s Barber Shop

JD’s Barbershop

Shorty’s Barber Shop

Acme Barbershop

Farzad’s Barber Shop

Squire Barbershop


Razzle Dazzle

Magazine St. Barber

Doc Guthries

Bird’s Barbershop

Rudy’s Barbershop

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