The Passi Jo 'Kass Kass Man' story begins in Congo-Kinshasa, where the political turmoil of 1964 that engulfs the region initiates mass repatriations, and his eventual return to his ancestral homeland in Congo-Brazzaville. With compositions based on Bas Congo rhythms such as Wala and Patenge, the musical career of this songster is propagated, firstly with album releases and performances in the Congo, to then include the remainder of the African continent. In 1982 ambition directs Passi Jo to Paris, and this European base becomes the stamping ground for the chain of successful international tours that follow... read more...

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Passi Jo Benefit Gig, Saturday 28 November, 8pm-1am,
Bar 303, High St, Northcote, Vic ... poster

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